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Wage Detail Report UC 1017 Rev. 8-02 STATE OF MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER INDUSTRY SERVICES BUREAU OF WORKERS UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION PICA ELITE See Reverse for Detailed Instructions and Penalty Provisions. Review each Social Security number and employee name for correctness. Wage detail information must be provided for every covered employee to whom wages were paid during the calendar quarter. Do not report wages that were earned but not actually paid during the calendar quarter. Also...
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Back in Michigan says I am boxer horse there's been a petition drive to put ten dollars and ten cents minimum wage on the November ballot for the past few months Vermont's legislature just passed I believe it was a ten dollar and Tencent minimum wage thought I had it here i believe it was ten dollars in ten cents it is the highest in the nation and I assume it's going to be ten dollars and fifty cents per hour in Vermont I assume it's going to be signed into law now Michigan State Senate Majority land Randy richardville is introducing a bill that will appeal the old minimum wage law seven dollars 40 cents replace it with the new minimum wage law 75 cents higher because it's a new lies trying to derail the voter initiative that is seeking to amend the old law and raise it to 1010 over a few years and adjusted for inflation wow that is uh that is crafty you see what's going on there the referendums been written specifically to repeal the old law by replacing the old law with the new one that raises it nominally the referendum I think is this plan by this uh Republican leader will be found to be illegitimate if it passes I don't know how that's going to play in Michigan the where you're specifically trying to thwart the will of the people that way but we'll see you